History of CIATCA

The Cayman Islands Air Traffic Controllers Association was first assembled in January 2014. A small group of controllers made the decision to pool their resources and establish an association that would protect the rights of controllers in the Cayman Islands and improve the relationship between workers and management. The organizational structure for the association is traditional in its layout, a copy of this structure can be seen below;

Walkers Recognition

In February 2014 CIATCA was officially recognized by Walkers Global. Over the past few years, CIATCA had been unsuccessful in their attempts to form an official non-profit association, incurring significant costs. In order to form a 'not-for-profit' association, several drafts of the memorandum and articles of association are often required in order to ensure that the Attorney General is satisfied with the relevant provisions.

"We recognise the vital role played by Cayman's air traffic controllers with respect to air travel and in light of the time and costs already incurred, we donated our time to assist on a pro-bono basis," said Ingrid Pierce, Walkers' Global Managing Partner. "We were more than happy to help the CIATCA enhance its profession."

Andre Ebanks, associate with Walkers in the Investment Funds Group, who acted as lead counsel with respect to the formation of the CIATCA, also commented. "We have suggested to the CIATCA that in its future endeavours they should also aim to attract young Caymanians, who may not have previously considered air traffic control to pursue a career in their profession which is perhaps overlooked."

Our Mission

CIATCA boasts membership from 100% of current Air Traffic Controllers in the Cayman Islands. The Association also extends associate membership to individuals that were once actively involved in the Air Traffic industry. CIATCA today is seeking to maintain a high standard of air traffic control that will ensure the safety of the flying public. The association is responsible for ensuring the social, economic and professional welfare of all members.

CIATCA aims to operate as a non-profit and non-political association, to promote and protect the interests of the profession and, among other objectives, nurture a high standard of ethics and good conduct among its membership. CIATCA will also encourage adherence to all relevant safety rules as well as supporting regulations and laws that benefit working conditions and the safety of air travellers. Further Details are available both here and here.

"The CIATCA is dedicated to promoting safety, efficiency, and professionalism in air navigation. We look forward to raising the stature of the air traffic control profession by inspiring the advancement of aviation and air traffic control in the Cayman Islands. We would like to extend a very special thanks to Walkers for their efforts and diligence in assisting us in our formation," - Former President Jay Evans.