Welcome Message

Welcome to the brand new home of the Cayman Islands Air Traffic Controllers Association (CIATCA). Air Traffic Controllers work in a high paced, exciting environment. Each day we are faced with new challenges, while following strict safety and procedural protocols. The high level of training that Air Traffic Controllers receive prepares them for the ever changing situations that they face. The purpose of our website is simple, to provide interesting information about our profession in an easy to understand manner. We look forward to providing a better understanding of our profession to the community and welcome your feedback through our Facebook page.

Our Objective

The Cayman Islands Air Traffic Controllers Association (CIATCA) aims to operate as a non-profit and non-political association, to promote and protect the interests of the profession and, among other objectives, nurture a high standard of ethics and good conduct among its membership. CIATCA will also encourage adherence to all relevant safety rules as well as supporting regulations and laws that benefit working conditions and the safety of air travellers.

CIATCA is dedicated to promoting safety, efficiency, and professionalism in air navigation. We look forward to raising the stature of the air traffic control profession by inspiring the advancement of aviation and air traffic control in the Cayman Islands.

Who are we?

We are the men and women who issue instructions to aircraft arriving and departing the Cayman Islands every day. Our association comprises professionals who currently work, or have worked in the Air Traffic Control industry. We are a dedicated group of professionals on a mission to raise awareness of our profession to the general public and potentially inspire future generations to become a part of this exciting industry.